Goreproduction was born in 2002. It is a strongly underground production house. Films are created with budgets that touch zero, always with horror themes, inspired by the tradition of Italian thriller years '70/'80. The desire to create is strong. They are therefore very simple films in the art, extremely "household", but still created with passion by those who participate in their realization. In the videos you will find everything, from medium-length films with a precise structure to others who seem (and sometimes they really are) improvised at the moment. All this for a desire for free cinema, truly and undeniably independent.
Fabrizio Spurio, born in Rome in 1971, always interested in horror and thriller themes and in animated cinema, finding as a base reference directors and producers such as Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci and Mario Bava. Start as a young man to write stories and draw. Create your own label, Goreproduction, and began shooting short films with which he participated in several independent film festivals, collaborating with other underground authors. Since 2002 he has been taking care of the personal website www.goreproduction.com. Publish your videos on a channel YouTube connected to the site. He is also a writer, and with EUS editions he has already published the collection of horror stories "Oreoscure" and the novel “Capelli”; “I racconti del sepolcro” it is his first comic book volume. To the activity of writer and director also alternates that of illustrator and in December 2016 organizes his first personal exhibition, “Carnographia”, at the art gallery “Le Bitte” in Rome. He participated as a film historian, to the realization of critical insights for video editions of the films "Opera" by Dario Argento and "The sect" by Michele Soavi. He lives and works in Rome.
Francesco Lagonigro was born in San Severo in 1981. From an early age he became passionate about horror movies, especially the American one linked to the 80s. He is also interested in music, becoming the lead singer of several local groups with a preference for rock and metal. Parallel to the singing develops an interest in the figurative arts, creating various fantasy and horror theme illustrations. In 2000 he made some fairy-tale drawings on the wall for the state school “Hans Christian Andersen” of San Severo, and collaborates with the Art Village cultural center in San Severo, taking courses of singing and music for teenagers. In 2015 he meets Fabrizio Spurio and is linked to the Goreproduction project, becoming a permanent collaborator. He participates in several short films as an actor and as a collaborator to the subjects. He also makes some music videos for the songs taken from the soundtrack of the short films in which he participates. He is founder and administrator of the Facebook group "The Horror Show", and take care of the YouTube channel "Franklin" where he publishes videos of his songs. He lives and works between Rome and San Severo.