Duration: 3.24 min. (2007)

Here is another animated short I collaborated on. Andrea Pucci and Monica Rondino created it with their PU.RO group. He is an animatic rather than a real cartoon, who could also see himself as a pilot for a larger project. In short it is science fiction. Aliens arrive on earth that the government wants to believe are friends, while in reality they exploit them for ungrateful jobs, confining them outside the city, in a desert now contaminated by atomic wars. For those few aliens who try to turn to this reality there is death, given to them by human killers in the pay of the government ... In short, a not very happy thing, both for the Unani and for the aliens ... I collaborated with this short for the editing and for the off voice that tells the story. I must say that I was pleased to participate in this project, also because animation has always been my "other" favorite subject. And I must say that Andrea and Monica did a good job, for once without having to die in some scene of mine !!! Passing clouds was also presented at the glorious "Tirrenia Trema 4" festival and was also very successful. In short, simple and linear, pleasant and even a little megalomaniac in certain places. As always you can download and view it. Good vision!

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