Duration: 50 min. (2016)

He was born as a short film with a simple story, a man who keeps a beast in the cellar and feeds it with human limbs, and has instead become a 50-minute feature film! Even the story has been slowly transforming itself, with different screenplay reworkings. In the end it turned out to be my most complex film from a production point of view: I had never had to deal with so many actors and with so many locations. I have to say I did not think I could make it, but in the end I succeeded, and the result satisfies me a lot. Also this time I'm happy with the performances of my actors, from the always good Chiara Pavoni to the debutant Rossana Pesce (actually my colleague of work ...). Beautiful also the special effects of Roberta Budicin; the music of Rodolfo V Puccio and Denny Z. But the other actors are good too: Guido, Gianpaolo, Claudio, Sanju and Andrea in the role of the monster. Alessandra Maravia, historical actress who plays the role of the catatonic mother. A special thank you I have to do to Luca Boni, who had the great patience to assemble 50 minutes of film in one afternoon (e poi salvare il video con altre ore spese...). In short, thanks to all those who supported me in this new madness( and also to Flavia, Giuseppe, Francesco and Eleonora).And now I hope the result can please you too.

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