Duration: 43.35 min. (2018)

Short film shot entirely in Puglia, in San Severo. Having been made in a place that I did not know, I improvised everything, without a script, and the actors, my friends who have undergone a bit absurd situations between makeup and interpretation, they acted improvising dialogues that were only suggested. I think they did well, even though they had never acted in front of a camera, not having a script created spontaneity and naturalness in the dialogues. I must underline however the enthusiasm with which the boys, no one excluded, have thrown themselves into this enterprise, sympathizing with all my requests, even absurd (Francesco also entered an open grave without problems)! A special thanks goes to Francesco Lagonigro, who spurred me to shoot this short film

Special mention for the soundtrack by Denny Z and the Barafoetida ( https://barafoetida.bandcamp.com/ ). The song of the opening credits is sung by Francesco Lagonigro with the pseudonym of Frank Blacklake/Franklin

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyRj18LUBmY )

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