Duration: 9.37 min. (2010)

A new short film from the "pastimes" series, and it is also the first of 2007; as a film it is not much, it is very simple and unpretentious, but I made a commitment to do it, I tried to be as careful as possible, only that I shot it in the midst of an abstinence crisis; practically it is from "320" that I do not turn anything, two or three months, and therefore the crisis came to me: I have to resume something otherwise I am going crazy (even more than I am already)! The story is trivial, as I have just said the pretext for shooting something: a boy cuddles the dolls of his dead sister, in a car accident, for which he feels responsible, and so the voices of the parents in his mind do nothing but increase your guilt ... That's all. As in "Cancrena" and "Autopsia" I am the protagonist, and as usual I do everything myself, shooting, acting, effects etc. Precisely for this reason, do not take this short with great expectations, but look at it as a simple pastime, even if I still think it came pretty nice. Here it is now for you, and enjoy.

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